3 September 2013

spiritual AIDS threatening our holiness.

We are certainly very clear about God's Will, our holiness. In fact, we thought Religious life is the path to holiness. Over the years after the fervent Novitiate period and First Profession we have to admit that the desire to be holy fades for some reason and we get trapped into a routine of practices of piety that we relish no more and get lost in ambitions and achievements mistaking them for apostolate or God's Will.

Care to reflect on this diagnosis! We are victims of "AIDS", a spiritual desease that eats into our spiritual life and weakens our religious motivations and resolves to grow in holiness.

AIDS stand for Acquires Indifference, Delay Syndrome. When we allow indifference and delay to enter our actions and attitudes, the growth in holiness ceases and instead threatens our very Vocation. 

The say that the opposite of Love is not hate but indifferene.
Procrastination is what Jesus points to, when the young man wanted some time to follow his vocation.

A simple "tot" on listening.

As educators, our specialization lies not so much in teaching as in listening.
While teachers often scream, "listen students!" over the classroom din, we may fail to pick up the pupils' pleading complaint: "teacher is not listening !"

Listening is an art of understanding the other. Too often we listen only to reply and the focus is on hearing the other and responding to what we hear.
Genuine listening involves the understanding of the whole person of the other and includes even what the other is not saying but reflecting in body language of gestures and expressions. Only then, does the Educator respond adequately.
Now, who's listening?