17 June 2013

A Lesson to learn.......aging gracefully

( I picked up this reflection somewhere and found it helpful to age gracefully)

Life can begin at 60 -
 it is all in your hands!

11 June 2013

Give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar and to God what belongs to God!

The philosophy of man is always outmatched by the Wisdom of God.
To the smart question of the Pharisees, Scribes and some Herodians on the debatable issue of paying taxes or "tribute" to Caesar, the wise and succinct reply of Jesus amazes his audience: "Give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar and to God what belongs to God" Mk 12,17. The answer of Jesus is bigger and goes beyond the estion.t that while, whatever may bear the stamp or image of Caesar belongs to Caesar, not everything belongs to Caesar. As Tertullian comments, Jesus draws the attention of all people at all times to the fact that they are created to the image of God and carry His stamp on themselves. They belong to God and Caesar should know and respect that. Worship of the true God, our Creator has clear priority over the claims of "Caesars" or Governments of our times. Religious Freedom stems from this truth that every person is created to the image of God, belongs to God and therefore must be the subject and not object of earthly governance. Notice that Jesus infact, is introducing the "Human Rights based approach" already in his time. More than concern for payment of Taxes to civil authorities, Jesus highlights the concern for giving God what belongs to Him, viz. every human being, treated with love and respect.  Are "Caesars" of our times, listening?

9 June 2013


Every gesture, every word, rather, the very attitude of Pope Francis is bringing the Papacy, from its solemn solitude upstairs, to the "ground floor" of social interactions with people and reality as never before. The ground floor is perhaps the "rock" on which Jesus intended to build his Church and not in an isolated sophisticated mansion of the Vatican.  Pope Francis, a Prophet for our times, calls the universal Catholic to live on the "ground floor".
But will it?


People really do not care about what  you know, but want to know if you care. Compassion is not about knowing but about caring.
God, though all powerful, all glorious and all knowing, chose to reveal Himself in the Scriptures, as "All caring" (compassionate). The pages of the Genesis open up with God, not only as the artistic Creator of heaven and earth, but is quick to reveal His Love for his rebellious creatures, by promptly assuring them a Messiah (Redeemer). "God so loved the world, that He sent his only begotten Son for our salvation". Through the history of Salvation, the "chosen People" continue to experience Yahweh's faithful love despite their  many  infidelities. In the New Testament, the mystery of the Incarnation becomes the manifestation of the Compassionate Heart of God. From the crib to the cross, Jesus Christ, the Son of God, enters our human life and through his teachings and example, invites us to "learn from me, for I am meek and humble of heart". Yes, God is compassionate and Jesus Christ our paradigm of  compassion. 

" Jesus was moved to compassion" is an oft repeated phrase in the Gospels. The grief of the widow of Nain moves Jesus to halt a funeral procession, comfort the mother, "Do not cry" , place his hand on the bier and restore to human life her only son. Compassion indeed!