26 February 2013

Prayers and Blessings

26th February, 2013.
Your Holiness,

With great reverence and deep appreciation I write these few lines to express to you my heartfelt gratitude for the exceptional Pastor and Pope you have been. I know this note may be lost in the flood of messages, yet I wanted to have the satisfaction of personally acknowledging your edifying service as Teacher of the Faith and your personal witness to the honesty, humility and sufferings of Jesus Christ.

We honour you as a great luminary enlightening the Catholic Church, the Christian Community and even the whole World. We thank you for your clear and courageous teachings based on uncompromising Gospel values of Peace, Love and Social Justice. I admire most in you the courage of your Faith-based convictions, seen best in your decision to renounce the office of the Papacy in obedience to the guidance of the Holy Spirit and as a personal sacrifice for the good of the Church of Jesus Christ.

As you enter into contemplation through prayer and meditation, I join you in prayer for your good health of mind and body. May Our Trinitarian God embrace you and reward you with years of contentment, peace and joy.
May Our Lady of consolations comfort you as she knows best.
Thank you, most holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI.
With deep esteem and devotedly,

Fr. Tony D'Souza SDB
Mumbai, India