28 November 2013

From Preaching to Practising Spiritual Retreats.

All these years, I have been preaching spiritual retreats to diocesan priests, religious men and women of different congregations and enjoyed the experiences. Needless to say, the generous appreciation coming from the retreatants added to my joy and kept me preaching. As age and illness oblige me to settle to a less engaging life style, and to be content with a more sedentary actitivity, I find myself becoming more reflective on my own life. The strongest realization that has gripped me since a few months now, is the truth Charles Davis the renowned post Vatican theologian admitted to himself when he writes: I realised people did not want God-talk, they wanted God. I looked into my life and it was empty. Preaching about God does not necessarily imply practising and I should have known that if only I had diligently   recalled the advise of Jesus who warned us against the "unpractising preachers" of his time.