27 December 2014


Despite the silly and sinister attempts of the villain behind the scenes, Christmas Day was a peaceful day of celebrating love in the family and in society. It is a great pity that the image of the BJP that gave promise of change and development is sinking more and more into a 'modimess' of deception While Mr. Modi continues to proclaim with a loud open mouth to the country and to the world, his vision of a "first world India", his eyes and ears are closed to the hectic and frantic efforts of his fanatical promoters of a 'Hindu Rashtra' based essentially on communalising activities and suppressing minority communities like the Muslims, Christians and others.  With all the intelligence the BJP claims to possess and administrative skills they think they have, I see the the steam-rolling pace of rash governance will destroy the faith the Indian citizens have placed in the ruling party.

Ever since the BJP came to power, through a power struggle within the party and the dictatorship of the RSS and affiliated parties, we have been witnessing mindless efforts to destroy the "un - Indian" heritage of a secular country, rich in its diversity of cultures, languages and even religions. Modi needs urgently to shut his mouth and open his eyes and ears to realise his dream of a properous India is turning into a nightmare, thanks to his "Modimess" of governance.

Though I, in some way was apprehensive of the BJP, the speeches of Modi and campaigns almost gave me hope, that notwithstanding, the new Prime Minister would deliver what he promised: Development and Good Governance. Six months of controversies, communalistic slogans and general unrest in the country is enough evidence to fear for the future of India.