28 May 2014

GREAT EXPECTATIONS ...........greater frustrations!

Congratulations to India's democracy, the results of the elections to the Parliament saw thr baton of Governance snatched eagerly from the INC (Indian  National Congress) by the BJP (Bharatya Janata Party) under the RSS frontliner, Mr. Narendra Modi, now the Prime Minister of the country.

Though I failed to get my name on the voting list and though I still have apprehensive thoughts, I marvel like the rest of Indians at the spectacular victory of the ruling party. Credit is given to the well timed and closely monitored campaign trail across India costing huge expenses. What was intended to be a Lok Sabha election of parliamentarians turned into a saffron Presidential type modelled on USA pattern. The RSS are rejoicing behind the scenes, biding their time to inject their 'Hindutva' schemes. The BJP stalwarts have begun the scramble for power and positions and the 'Modi effect' has even affected the SAARC community. The INC has yet to recover from the decimating experience of being reduced to a less than 50/540 seats in Parliament.  While the BJP received just 31% of votes, 2/3% has either opted for other parties or abstained just silently indicating that the hysteria and hype of the national BJP is just reflecting the choice of 1/3 the voting citizens. The rest are waiting with great expectations or will it be, greater frustrations.
God bless India! 

11 May 2014

From shame and scandal to saint and sanctity,

2013, in the Calendar of the Catholic Church will be remembered as the year of shattered faith, ironically in the official "year of Faith". With the announcement in February, 2013, of the unexpected resignation of Pope Benedict XVI, there followed a media blitz attempting to investigate the the problems at the very heart of the church, the Vatican offices and the Curia in particular. Financial scams, sexual crimes and serious indisciplie were the charges and the secular media lashed out at the Catholic Church unsparingly. Though there were exaggerations, the charges were enough evidence of the shame and scandal in the One, Holy, Catholic and apostolic family of the Church. The liturgical season of Lent saw catholics shocked and saddened with the happenings at the Vatican. While most wore penitential ashes and prayed for forgiveness, not a few moved away from church membership. Easter 2013, with the election of Pope Francis who presented himself as a humbled sinner needing prayers, revived the hope in catholics that "Jesus is risen". Howvever, the scene was not very much different from the shame and scandal in the apostolic times, with Peter and others intending to return to their fishing nets, Thomas voicing the inredulity of the others and the two disappointed disciples returning back to Emmaus. Prophetic witnessing of Pope Francis reflected the post resurrection Jesus appearing several times and places to convince his apostles that "He is risen". As we stepped into 2014 and celebrated Easter, the resurrection message announced emphatically that the Church is not only a church of sinners but also of saints. Mercy Sunday indicated that while the Church may be weak and sinful, it has been always a witnessed to the holiness of Jesus Christ. The canonization of two Popes of recent history rings out clearly the message that Church leadership, in imitation of Jesus has its roots at the heart of Rome.